About Howard Corporate Centre

Howard Corporate Centre was founded by LaTaunya Howard. When she owned a boutique financial consulting firm, LaTaunya’s work frequently put her into contact with other individuals and organizations seeking a professional environment to conduct business but without the financial investment and long-term commitment of traditional office space.  Because LaTaunya knows firsthand the challenges this can create, it motivated her to open Howard Corporate Centre to provide cost-effective workspace solutions that create a professional image and working environment with the flexibility to pay only for what you need – when you need it.

Howard Corporate Centre is also committed to promoting economic and community growth by building alliances with other business owners and encouraging volunteerism. LaTaunya is proud to have been named the 2012 HandsOn Greater DC Cares Volunteer of the Year, and this spirit of giving back is a value that is central to Howard Corporate Centre.

“Howard Corporate Centre is committed to
helping clients grow their business and succeed.”

— LaTaunya Howard, Founder and Managing Member
Howard Corporate Centre